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We are a manufacturing company of high quality products for a very specific and potential market so we are pleased to present:

Motherfit , Inc. representing Exclusivas Vikari, SA de C.V. a Mexican company with more than 15 years in the market, with presence throughout the country through major department stores like Liverpool, Sears, Fabricas de Francia, Coppel , Comercial Mexicana , Woolworth , between others, also present in prestigious boutiques and specialty boutiques in maternity products and postpartum.

In our vision we have set our new goals to conquer new markets so we are now in Costa Rica, Panama and our next step is to open market in the United States of America with the following product lines, providing your business with strictly careful manufacturing products which also are ISO 9001-2008 certificated and undoubtedly will contribute to the success of your sales:

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